Boston Strong Community

Boston Strong Disaster Relief
A MA 501c3 Volunteer Public Charity

Press Release

Boston Strong Disaster Relief charity, an all volunteer public 501c3 charity,
releases the following statement.

As we remember the horrific Boston Patriots Day attacks against our nation during
the marathon, and the strong resilience that followed, we realize that there is nothing
that can replace what was lost on 4.15.2013. charity was created
for the community to join together remembering and honoring those lost while supporting
the resilience of the survivor community moving forward.

Boston Strong can only be as strong as the volunteers willing to come together to lead the
charity to the next level of organizational maturity. The Board of Directors is accepting
letters of interest for the following volunteer positions. Treasurer, Communications Director,
Education Director, Development Director, Event Director, Grant writer, Spokesperson,
and Fundraising Director. Send us an email at
Please consider volunteering or donating online Thank you.

Boston Strong








Boston Strong Disaster Relief, inc. A MA 501c3 public Charity, is a MA SERVICE MARK
for Charity which benefits the Boston bombing survivor community. Any promotional unauthorized use of
the charity mark and derivatives are strictly prohibited.